It started with the piano, then came the poetry. Or whatever. It's been five years since a singer-songwriter project gave birth to Lonitseera, the band with witty lyrics and sensitive unity in playing. The driving force behind Lonitseera is Kaisa Kuslapuu, whose original music is the chatty lovechild of musical whimsy and exaggerated allegory. Kaisa considers her strongest influences to be the pile of gravel that still stands in front of her childhood home and growing up with Estonian-language pop. The combination of flute, double bass and jazzy piano harmonies makes Lonitseera a dramatic Estonian indie-jazz-alt-pop group. Their debut album Tapeet (Wallpaper, 2022) was well-received by critics and fans alike and was awarded the Best Original Songs Album title at the Estonian Music Awards. Additionally, the band's second album, Loni jõulud (Loni's Christmas, 2023), also received the same nomination, along with the short documentary film capturing the search for Christmas spirit in the summer-time.

"I don't think there is another pop band as bright as Lonitseera in Estonia at the moment, and with this record alone, they have already secured their place in Estonian music history."

- Marek Kallin (Eesti Ekspress)

Kaisa Kuslapuu

vocal, piano; music and lyrics

Katariina Tirmaste

flute, back vocals

Kristin Kaha

back vocals, tinkles

Tõnis Kirsipu


Marcus Ellervee

sound engineer

Kertu Süld